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For this project I was tasked with designing two posters deriving from the word “Dusk”. Initially I found this fairly difficult due to my original more literal approach, in which I believe was caused by the consideration of style and aesthetic over consideration of concept. Creating a tunnel vision approach. Once I realised this and that I was no further forward from when I started, I began to take a more open minded approach allowing me

to move forward. 


Looking back now I realise this point in my design process was crucial and that having only a solid concept is a much better position to be in than having a weak concept and a rough style reference. This is an idea I will approach all my future projects with. Despite my stumble at the start of this project I believe I was successful within the design process, Although in hindsight I think the openness of this brief is what froze me up. When in-fact this could have been embraced and used to my advantage. 


I researched many ideas for concepts some being an old 1920’s film poster, occults at dusk and phases of the moon. Whilst researching moon phases I stumbled upon an info-graphic detailing the earth and moons orbit around the sun. From here I began developing the concept I would use in my final designs, I played around with the idea of the moon and the earth dancing, this would show that at dusk the moon and the sun are in constant motion the sun, like a dance. As-well as this the pattern of light on the moons lunar surface constantly changing during orbit, also like a dance. 


As for preparing and designing my poster for print, I believe I was successful. Throughout this project I was aware it was to be printed in an A2 format, this meant I had to work to scale when possible and also use vectors when possible. Having to be aware that my design could look perfect on screen but bad quality on print, resulted in constant print outs and checks. Towards the end of my project I discovered I could export and scale up as one on Photoshop, This was useful as it allowed me to send an A2 PDF to print. I did read on Google that some printers scale up PDFs, but I done this to be sure. During this process I also learned that PDFs can either be vector or raster files, as i`m not sure wither mine was vector or raster i`m glad I send an A2 PDF. 


In conclusion I think my final design solution is effective, whereas aesthetically I believe the poster I designed first is more effective. This is due to only focusing on one poster, completing it and forcing a template from it for the second poster. Although this possibly could have worked for a typographic poster or an ad campaign. For a creative brief like the one I was tasked with I should have taken the two posters into consideration as one or an extension of each other. To get both posters working together. Rather than just 2 posters that match, as the two posters just look like variations of each other with slight changes rather than 2 separate posters in a series. 

about me

I am an 18 year old student, currently studying HND graphic design at Glasgow Clyde College. Other than graphic design I enjoy many other things such as mountain biking, fishing and gaming.

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